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marimo provides services on the broad spectrum of architecture, interior design, planning design and consultation 

for residential, commercial or industrial projects.

Architecture and Design • Arkitektúr og Hönnun

Schematic design  •  Tillögugerð
Building design  •  Mannvirkjahönnun

Renovation and Restoration design  •  Endurgerð gamalla bygginga
Interior design  •  Innanhúshönnun
Landscape design  •  Landslagshönnun 

Furniture and Product design  •  Húsgagna- og vöruhönnun
Exhibition design  •  Sýningarhönnun

Planning  •  Skipulag

Consultation  •  Ráðgjöf
Research  •  Þróunarvinna
Urban Planning  •  Deiliskipulagsgerð

Consultation  •  Ráðgjöf

Consultation and Inspection on site •  Ráðgjöf og rýni á staðnum
Project management  •  Verkefna- og hönnunarstjörn
Project Inception  •  Hagkvæmnigreining og verkáætlun

Our process
is always adjusted to each project's needs.

Project Inception

marimo works hard to ensure every project meets the agreed-upon budget and deadline. That’s why they believe the Project Inception is such a crucial stage of every venture.

Schematic Design

Schematic Design is a vital stage in every project, and the service that marimo enjoys the most. No matter the size or scope of your planned project, get in touch to discuss what they can add to your plans.

Design Development

Design Development is one of the most important elements in the whole process. Done correctly, it can be a pivotal point in the project.

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