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We are an architectural design studio established in the very end of 2020 with the objective to provide beautiful and inspiring solutions to every project in every scale and budget.

Times are ever-changing and with it the use of architecture, space and individual needs.

We try to be two steps ahead and provide a customised design for today and tomorrow

with the deserved respect for yesterday.

We gained our experience working over a decade in renown offices in Reykjavík and abroad.

We are now very excited to let our creativity and imagination meet the realm of everyday.


Co-founding partners of marimo are Anna Leoniak and Bjarni Kristinsson.


Anna and Bjarni have together over 27 years of experience working on a wide range of architecture and design projects that they acquired working for renown architectural offices like Gláma-Kím, PK and Studio Granda in Reykjavík and Stelle Lomont Rouhani in Bridgehampton in USA.

Despite being a young architectural practice on the market, marimo has already won recognition in competitions; e.g.  2.-3. Prize in an extensive closed two-stage competition for Icelandair's new 5000 m2 headquarters in Iceland and 2.nd Prize in a competition for Borgarlína's street infrastructure design in Iceland.

Together and separately, the founders of marimo have received many awards and recognitions from various competitions in the fields of architecture and design.  [see CV further below]

Anna and Bjarni are licensed architects in Iceland according to Article 25. Act on Building Structures no. 160/2010.

Löggiltir mannvirkjahönnuðir skv. 25. gr. laga um mannvirki nr. 160/2010


Anna Leoniak

M.Sc. Achitect FAÍ

Anna Leoniak is an architect with a persevering passion to cross many design fields. She sometimes forgets herself in product or furniture design, curating or designing exhibitions, photography or visual arts.
Born in Poland and has traveled a lot, but decided to settle in Iceland, place that gave her and her creative thinking a warm welcome.


Bjarni Kristinsson

M.A. Architect FAÍ & B.Sc. in Building Engineering

Bjarni Kristinsson is an architect with a degree in building engineering. He has diverse experience from the building and construction sector and knows it from many angles. 
He is grateful to have been able to learn and work on what he loves the most.

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